2021 IS HERE

Our student ministry is a vibrant community made up of High School and Middle School students from all walks of life. We welcome anyone who is interested in exploring life, faith, and Jesus. 

Covid has created an opportunity for our ministry to engage students in a more intimate form and we are excited about what 2021 has in store for us. 

Weekly Crew  Gatherings

These weekly gatherings happen on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm; Anyone is welcome to come at 6:00 pm and hang out at the student hub. 

Monthly Large Group Gathering

We meet for a large group community gathering called "RISE Nights" These gatherings are meant to be fun, encouraging, and open to friends of the same age group. You are more than welcome to invite friends to these gatherings and perhaps even invite them to your Crews. RSVP is required and you can find the next Rise gathering in a button below. 





Romans 12:2



Faith Church Student Ministry is all about Jesus. We are unashamed of Him and what He stands for. Jesus came to revolutionize the world and this fuels every action we take. From outreach to the community to empower the students we serve; we will RISE.


We hope to be a community to the scattered, outcasted and discriminated against. We also hope to be a community to the pretenders, loners, and believers. No perfect people allowed. In this community, we want to empower students to be whom God intended for them to be. That is a mouthful and not something you can discover by just reading this. 

In a world where students are pressured to fit in, we are asking them to RISE. We cease to exist when we cease to be ourselves. God made us with a unique purpose. Why not live out the amazing life God wants you to live? 


We believe that our students can grow from the wisdom of others who have the experience and the maturity in their faith to lead and love students into a growing faith in Jesus. Our Students are challenged to go over a discipleship focus book that will help them learn basic principles about being sure about our faith in Jesus and becoming whom Jesus wants us all to become. The schedule for one to one mentoring is managed by the adult and student matchup but it is fully supervised by Pastor Sam to ensure safety and focus of the relationship. All adult participants are Cori checked. 





High School Boys Basketball Ministry (November to February). High School Boys are invited to join a friendly and competitive gathering of pick-up basketball from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Expectations are as simple as partaking in building each other up and having a good time.




This gathering is designed to get students ready to tackle the week ahead.  Students play games, eat food and are taught a relevant message that is meant to help them consider how they can RISE from the world of conformity around them. Make no mistake, we want our students to be different from the world in the way they respond to the things of the world. At the same time, we encourage students to learn how to engage this broken world with the passion of Jesus in their heart. 


These gatherings are meant to be great spaces for new students to come but we suggest a student starts with a Sunday night gathering. 


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