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Finding freedom from porn and sex addiction

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To get help for you or someone you love,
text "thefight"
to 97000

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Professional Counseling

Choosing a counselor is a big deal.  We have provided a list of Christian counselors who are available for in-person and/or Telehealth visits.  We have not vetted each therapist on these lists and, therefore, we cannot vouch for their services or be held liable.

On a Video Call

Tools & Resources for Those Struggling

Seek Accountability

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Support Groups

Accountability Software

Having software on your devices is an important step to take in the recovery process. Even if you aren't struggling, it's a smart move to keep boundaries in your life as an extra precaution. Below are two excellent options for you and/or your family.



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The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths That Set Us Free

This book shows a path to true, lasting freedom with a biblical, clinical, and gospel-centered approach to recovery. You will learn the six roots of porn addiction and how to effectively address them. Whether you need to quit porn yourself or you want to be equipped to help others, this book is for you.

​Kill the Spider: Getting Rid of What’s Really Holding You Back

​Carlos Whittaker equips you with the practical steps you need to destroy the roots of your deep-seated habits so you can embrace true freedom in Christ. Because you can't just clear away the cobwebs; you need to find the spider--the source of the issue--and take it out.

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False Intimacy: Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction

​False Intimacy offers realistic direction to those whose lives or ministries have been impacted by sexual addiction while examining the roots behind these behaviors. This book examines different aspects of sexual addiction, including shame, purity, and forgiveness, while exploring one’s true identity and God-given sexuality.


  • Pure Desire Podcast

  • Porn Free Radio

Online Courses


Resources for Parents

Accountability Software

Keep your children and teenagers safe by having software on devices that blocks pornographic websites and alerts you if there has been activity. Below are two excellent options for your family.



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Good Pictures, Bad Pictures by Kristen A. Jenson

Want a comfortable way to talk with your kids about pornography? This newly revised edition of the original bestseller from Defend Young Minds makes that daunting discussion easy! Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a read-aloud story about a mom and dad who explain what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it.

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Good Pictures, Bad Pictures jr.

Young children deserve to be armed early against internet dangers. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. makes it easy for parents to protect their young kids ages 3 to 6. Using gentle, age-appropriate messages, children will learn to Turn, Run & Tell when they are accidentally exposed to inappropriate content.

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