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The primary focus of our Making Room campaign is to begin with the first phase of an anticipated three-phase building plan. Phase One will enable us to fulfill our mission, “Loving and leading people into a growing faith in Jesus.”

Phase One includes:

  • Purchase of 18 Acres of land

  • Excavating of land

  • A Multi-Purpose Worship Facility - This facility would serve as a worship center. It would also serve as a full court gym for teen ministries, as well as a dining hall with a full kitchen attached.

  • A Beautiful Lobby - A spacious and tall lobby will include a Café, a Connect Center, a New Guest reception area, and more.

  • Children’s Classrooms - Our Kids Faith Zone would have several classrooms (Nursery through 5th grade) with one check-in/out point and a big room with a stage.

  • Student Classrooms - Our junior and senior high students will have a large room with games, as well as a classroom attached for small groups to meet in.

  • Adult Classrooms - A few classrooms will be dedicated for small group use on Sundays or during the week.

  • Parking Lot - Our lot will accommodate approximately 150 spaces in Phase One.


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